Do you want a brief introduction to what ECE106 means to your business?

STARCO understands that the ever-changing jungle of requirements for wheels and tyres is difficult to grasp, if you’re not a tyre and wheel expert. As a follow up on the popular story about the ECE117 requirements, we met STARCO’s Technical Director Mike Green, who joined STARCO in 2006, for a chat about ECE106 requirements

What is ECE or UNECE?
“UNECE is short for The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. It was created in 1947 to encourage economic cooperation between its member states. They create regulations for goods sold into the European markets. These regulations help to ensure that the products being sold to the people of Europe conform to a minimum requirement,” explains Green.

What is ECE106 and what vehicles/machines are affected?
This is a regulation that typically covers new pneumatic tyres designed primarily, though not only, for agricultural and forestry vehicles (power-driven vehicles in category T), agricultural machines (power-driven and trailed) and agricultural trailers, and with a maximum tyre design speed up to and including 65km/h (speed category symbol “D”).

As an OEM customer who manufactures vehicles/machines, to what, do I need to pay special attention?
EU167/2013 is a vehicle type approval regulation. This regulation applies to agricultural and forestry vehicles of categories T, C, R and S. This regulation requires that the tyres on your applications need to be ECE106 approved as part of the approval process.

How would I know if a tyre is approved in accordance to ECE106?
An ECE106 approved tyre will carry an e-mark similar to the following format:

The ECE106 marking will appear on at least one of the tyres’ sidewalls.
In general, a manufacturer of agricultural and forestry vehicles and their trailers should employ the services of a tyre supplier that understands both ECE106 and vehicle type approval requirements, in order to ensure correctly marked tyres are supplied to meet all appropriate legislations.

What’s just nice to know?
“Being a customer of STARCO, you can leave it up to us to supply you with the correct tyres to meet legislative requirements,” ensures Mike Green.