Complete solutions and optimum compatibility is the new black (and round)

 “The transition from our previous supplier to STARCO has been smooth. We are always looking for excellent quality at competitive prices – here, STARCO is doing well. Apart from that, we get our wheels on time,” says Dr Uwe Meyer from wm meyer, one of the top five trailer manufacturers in Germany.

Our existing agreement provides full assembly wheel and tyre solutions to wm meyer’s complete product range of professional trailers ranging from 750-3,500 kg. In a recent customer survey wm meyer scored STARCO index 94 in Satisfaction score, 100 in Reputation score and 100 in Net Promoter score, which is indicative of the loyalty of the customer.

”A major transition like this involving new products, new supply setup and new relations, will always present some challenges; however, I am extremely happy to see the new relationships getting settled and good customer partnerships growing,” says Shaun Jones, Segment Director for the Trailer & Caravan segment in STARCO.
wm meyer is fitting different STARCO branded complete wheel and tyre solutions, and also the popular premium GT tyres on STARCO wheels.

”We recommend GT tyres as the premium trailer tyre, supplementing our own standard solutions KargoMax and MasterTrail,” explains Shaun Jones, who continues: “the premium and standard products have tyre patterns designed specifically for trailers and caravans, whereas the budget tyres are more all-round.” 

The good relationship between GT and STARCO goes more than ten years back. The dedication to the trailer market from both sides has been a factor to drive STARCO to the leading position they have today in the European trailer market, with more than 30 percent of the market share. 

“Customers partner with us for different reasons; however, they do so more particularly because we are the only manufacturer of both wheels and tyres. This enables us to ensure maximum compatibility between the wheel and the tyre, and supply of the complete solution. We have a true ownership of the entire value chain – from product development to delivery of the complete solution,” explains Jones, stating that in some cases this allows STARCO to “cut out the middle man” and hence simplify the supply to the OEM customer.
Many of the new STARCO customers have been reviewing the combinations fitted to their product ranges in close collaboration with STARCO in search of optimisation.

“Most customers have already changed to STARCO tyres and wheels. This is a better solution for the customer both in regards of cost, quality and supply,” says Jones. The primary reason for this being a better solution is to be found in the optimum match between the tyre and the wheel in terms of both performance and lifetime of the tyre. “So, even though customers very often just want something ‘black-and-round’, there are good arguments for paying attention to other parameters than cost,” states Jones.