About us

STARCO GB is a subsidiary in STARCO. Below a little about STARCO GB and at our corporate website you can read more about STARCO’s history, the company in general, the management and our Corporate Social Responsibility at the corporate website.


The company that later became part of STARCO was established in 1988 and was back then called CG Enterprises. It was acquired by STARCO in 1992 and moved into wheel manufacturing in 1998 and onto the current venue in Rugeley the same year.

The company name was changed to STARCO GB Ldt in 2000 and three years after the wheel manufacturing was moved to Croatia and STARCO GB started specializing in warehousing, distribution, operations and sales.

Today, more than 30 STARCOnians work at the Rugeley-location. Besides the Operations and Sales teams, the location also hosts a large part of STARCO’s technical department and in -house test facilities.

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